Suffering from Christmas Stress Syndrome?

So avoid the pain of waking up in January with a headache and a few extra kilos:
It’s Wednesday already and we are well into December…

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ARE you your biggest ROAD BLOCK?

Why do we put up these barriers to our health, fitness and mental wellbeing
I’ll start eating healthy after the weekend once I’ve been to the party and stuffed my face....

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Are you guilty of late night snacking!

Here’s the newsflash… Late night snacking doesn’t have to be bad for you!
Here are a few things to change to reduce or stop the need for late night snacking...

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Exercising once you become a mummy!

Mummy guilt
Life changes when you have kids but exercise doesn't have to become a casualty of your new life... Kids and training can coexist!

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5 fat burning exercises you can do anywhere, anytime!

No time to exercise and no equipment?
Really… try these anywhere, anytime for a great work out...

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Diets don’t work!

We are consistently bombarded by new secret tricks, super foods, magic pills and supplements, prepared foods to achieve the ultimate weight loss. Why do we get sucked in? Because we all want the easy option… some of these “diet” are simply dangerous, most are just unsustainable, as they require low calorie intake and often restrict foods or food groups.

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Cardio vs Weights

Which is better for me?

Over the last 10 years the question of strength vs cardio is always top of a client’s question list, followed by... ok - so which one shall I do first?


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5 reasons you should start running - now!

1.    You can do it anywhere any time - no need to have a gym membership - all you need is a good pair of runners and 30 minutes and you can make it happen!

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