Diets don’t work!

We are consistently bombarded by new secret tricks, super foods, magic pills and supplements, prepared foods to achieve the ultimate weight loss.

Why do we get sucked in?

Because we all want the easy option… some of these “diets” are simply dangerous, most are just unsustainable, as they require low calorie intake and often restrict foods or food groups ( Swinburne, B., & Egger, G. 2004).

Worse still, research clearly states that restrictive diets have dire effects on our metabolism and often is associated with subsequent disproportionate weight gain, which is more likely to be fat (Dulloo, A. G. 1997).

Furthermore the more restricting foods that you crave can increase likeliness to over eat that food or over consume other foods. Mood – restrictive diets can also increase depression associated with the feeling of deprivation. (Rogers 2000)

Research has shown that diets such as the Atkins Diet, Zone diet, Low Carb diets etc will lead to weight loss, however in long term studies; most of this weight is regained.  And there is no difference between low carb diets and low fat diets The reason these diets work is that they have a lower energy balance (Foster 2003).

Eating food is an enjoyable experience, and can continue to be so without the feeling of deprivation.

Energy in and out (diet and exercise) be measured in Calories (kcal) or Kilojoules (kj).

In Australia packaging can describe energy in either or both of these terms. 1 Calorie = 4.2kj

Dieting normally requires a lot of will power, which often wanes after realtively short periods - commonly a few days.

Questions to ask about the latest diet:
• Does the diet ban certain food or food groups, or times of when you can eat?
• The diet promotes quick weight loss, (more than 1kg an week)
• Is it something I can do for the long time, affordability, time?
• Where is the evidence? How long do the participants keep the weight off for?
• Does it change the fundamentals of the way I live and eat?

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We get superior results due to our careful selection of training pro-grams and detailed
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We get superior results due to our careful selection of training pro-grams and detailed
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