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Learn to Run 

Never run ever, run a couple of km's and hated it, worried about injury?  

We can take you to running 5 k's or more safely and loving the energy and fitness you will be gaining!

Learn to run, to 5km, social, fun and encouraging.

Ever wanted the freedom of being able to go for a run anywhere, anytime? Tried the apps and online programs but ended up still with the "I can't" because you don't have the motivation, you are afraid of getting hurt or felt it would be too hard? Let us to teach you how to run, and to run further, faster, and more efficient while we hold your hand and help you reach your goals. The group is social and available for non-runners and current runners. The program runs for 6 weeks, cost $99 and is open to everyone, come give it go, what do you have to lose!

Thursday 7pm, start from Take Shape Studio. If enough demand we will add another session.

Hit 'Sign Up" below and let's get you started this week! Your goals shouldn't have to wait until you're ready!

You will learn:
•    to run with good technique for extra speed and efficiency
•    how to breath correctly
•    how to stretch and build the right muscle groups
•    different running techniques
•    and we will set you up to minimise problems through good bio-mechanics.

We gradually build distance and speed into the classes through the 9 week program, and by the end of you will be safely out there building strength and endurance.

Feel that extra energy overflow into your life and love that fitness!

To get going all you have to do is either:     

  • Book on the link above or below.
  • Make contact by phone.
  • Fill out the form to the right, and we'll call you right back.

    it could be the start of a beautiful thing... : )

    “1 tried to do couch to 5km, and a couple of other online program, but after the first week i lost motivation”

    “I’ve always loved the idea of running, but i never knew how and where to start. I love the group environment. And the encouraging coaches "

    “I’ve done 3 run programs and slowly i’m getting faster and now dare i say it enjoying being able to run when and where i like”

    “I have lost 5kg in 6 weeks from running and watching what i eat. I feel great, i have so much energy. I’m so proud of myself”

    And you don’t have to leave it there

    Further your running with our additional programs.

    • Opportunity for Individualized assessments and gait analysis

    • Join other run sessions to improve your speed distance and ability with a bunch of other runners, who were once you! Tuesday and Thursday at 6am, Thursday at 7pm and longer runs on a Sunday at 8am

    • 1 on 1 Personal training session with your run coach, to maximise your outcome and certainty of reaching your goals (special discounted price)

    If you are interested in any of these chat to your coach or give us a call 94997491

    Feel that extra energy overflow into your life and love that fitness!It's a new year and you need to step up your health and fitness game.

    So lets do it and get started or all the support and friendship you never knew you needed




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