Massage & Myotherapy

Take Shape offers massage and myotherapy services, brilliant for recovery when you've gone hard at your fitness, or a great way to treat yourself when you've hit some goals.


How does massage help clients achieve their fitness goals:
Massage helps with circulation, increases muscle length and softens muscle tissue. It also helps to increase your range of motion allowing you to be more flexible and being able to train better.

Massages before or after training sessions are proven to reduce injuries, especially serious injuries as well as helping to remove the toxins that have built up within your muscles. Additionally, delayed onset muscle soreness (that pain you get two days after strenuous exercise) often leads people to stop exercising for several days, and during the rest period, people lose fitness. It becomes a cycle that limits progress. Massage can reduce the severity of this pain, keeping you on a good training cycle.


Myotherapy is the assessment , treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions, that may cause muscle pain and mobility issues.

Musculoskeletal conditions may be caused from a variety of ways ranging from trauma, overload and misuse of muscles from work, hobbies or sporting activities.

Some of the musculoskeletal conditions, which I can help, are :

Sciatica Shoulder pain Elbow and wrist pain 
Headaches Carpal tunnel  TMJ pain
Chronic over use (RSI)   Knee hip and ankle pain Numbness and tingling
Tennis elbow  Joint pain General tightness
And many more conditions    

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Postural and joint mobility assessment, and muscle testing is used to assess the problem. The list of tools below are utilized to help your body restore its -self ,back to good musculoskeletal health, which will help to reduce pain and gain mobility. Some of the tools that I use to gain quality results are:


Dry needling  Mobilisation
PNF Stretching Trigger point therapy
Myofacial release Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
Hot and cold treatments Static Stretching
Deep tissue massage Exercise rehab
Electro mechanical stimulations (TENS machine)

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