Kathy Muscat

I have been in the fitness industry for well over 25 years, waking up in the mornings before my corporate job swimming at 5am in the mornings and pushing my friends at 18 to do the same thing. I was the type of person who would do two to three aerobic classes a night and my parents would wonder which guy I was with. I kept telling them I was with Jim (Gym). They soon figured that there was no guy and that my life was the gym. Fitness junkie might be appropriate and inspiring others to achieve their goals is what makes me complete. I have inspired a lot of my clients to go beyond their wildest dreams and to have them remember the gruelling steps they had to take to get their personal best.
My moto in life. Healthy food, healthy body provides healthy life.

What is the best part of being a personal trainer
I have had clients who have lost over 30-40 kgs now doing triathlons around Australia and ones that have maintained the weight loss and feel great every day oh and I have clients that will come to me to achieve their best, leave me and return to realise that fitness needs to be a part of their lifestyle change is needed.

For me it’s the sweat and tears of pure satisfaction from my clients face when they see the changes they have achieved over a period of time.

Who motivates you or inspires you?
My clients – when I see their hard work, it makes my life worthwhile. My mentors in the fitness industry (Tosca Reno) if I can look that great after 50 I will be thrilled! and of course my family they are my support group.

What makes you laugh?
When I hear – I can’t do it and then 2 seconds later the look I get when it was achieved. Easy peasy… You can do it!!

My favourite playtime activity?
Doing my workouts to maintain the physique and of course cooking healthy foods, love sharing recipes on facebook

Experience/Things I’ve done
Trained with the best for Ms Physique competition but relationship collapsed and so did I. But one door closes and another great one opened.
I love muscles and I love transformations.

I am your ideal Personal Trainer if:

»Ready to work hard.
»Want results!
»Want to be healthy
»Want the new you and fit into your clothes again.
»Want the toned look! Believe its very contagious once you start seeing the results.
»Want to lose body fat.
»Want a transformation – then don’t hesitate.... I’m waiting!


» Certificate IV in fitness
» Spin Course
» Pilates
» Bachelor in Business ( Marketing) » Senior First Aid

Current studies:

» Degree in Nutrition
» Health Coach certificate

How do you motivate your clients to achieve their goals?
What kind of outcome do you want? My goal is to investigate and find out what inspires you and to work with you to achieve your best.

I will be there with you every step of the way, I even get sms’s from clients when their having dinner out, asking me what can I eat. I love that I play a very important part in your life. Remember we take this journey together your journey is a journey combined by both client and trainer. I will ensure you don’t cheat yourself of life and your personal achievements. I’m ready if you are.

Training Style & Influences
You want it you have to work for it. We are in this together. I will lead you to the water and tell show you how to swim but the rest is up to you. Don’t fear I will always be behind guiding you in the right direction. Challenges are never easy and yeah there are obstacles but only the strong in mind will overcome with guidance and stay focused as you will never fail. You can achieve today so call now and let’s start this journey together.

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