Sarah Dixon

After travelling and skiing in North America and Europe i originally completed my BA in Interior Design and went on to work in a high pressure, corporate industry designing 5 star hotels and international casinos.  During this time my dedication to health and fitness tended to yoyo due to stress and high levels of work travel, but I always thought that working in the fitness industry would be an ideal for me.

After I had three children and lost over 20kgs I returned to work in the corporate Interior Design industry.  This return to work,which meant that I spent most of my day sitting in front of a computer, in combination with some serious health issues saw me gain weight yet again.  At this stage I decided to pursue my long held ambition of studying and working in fitness.  

I truly believe that the basis for continued good health and a high quality of life is participating in a consistent exercise routine as well as having a healthy diet.  I really love sharing in my client’s health and fitness achievements no matter how small.  I have found that with a little encouragement and instilling confidence people can exceed their expectations.  My approach to personal training is to help client’s realise their true strength and give them confidence to exceed their expectations and and for these changes to significantly improve their quality of life.


What is the best part of being a personal trainer
Helping clients to realise that they can exceed their preconceived expectations and that improved fitness improves their lives generally.

Who motivates you or inspires you?
My husband both motivates and inspires me as well as my children, they inspire me to live a healthy happy life and to always work at being a good, kind person.  In addition to this people who overcome significant obstacles and maintain a positive attitude to life always make me aspire to improve myself.

What makes you laugh?
My kids, my husband and just life generally pretty much.

My favourite playtime activity?
Skiing (even though i haven’t done it for ages) and mountain biking

I am your ideal Personal Trainer if:

You want someone who is dedicated to motivating and encouraging you to push yourself beyond what you expected.


» Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training
» First Aid & CPR

Kettle Bell Basics

Functional Training

Current studies:
Diploma of Fitness and Rehabilitation

Diploma of Nutrition

How do you motivate your clients to achieve their goals?
By getting to know people and developing confidence in my clients, I believe that people are stronger than they think.  I help them to realise this and drive them on to exceed their expectations.

Training Style & Influences
I’m pretty straight forward and while I do push people I really take the time to encourage my clients to work as hard as they can in our sessions while having a bit of a laugh and some fun.

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