Shannon Eastwood

My name is Shannon. I have had a lifetime of being overweight, being self conscious , poor self esteem and fad diets to try and make myself feel better. After gaining 30 kgs during my first pregnancy, I was told that if I breast fed my baby, not only is it great for baby, but it will also help me lose weight….this did not happen! After saying “enough is enough” to myself, I joined a gym, started working out 6 days a week and completely changed my eating habits. Becoming an aquatic’s instructor complimented this change in my lifestyle too…..I lost over 30 kgs. After having my 2nd child 4 years ago, and gaining 20 kg I implemented the same motivation and knowledge I knew I had to help me get back into shape….

I still love food and indulge in naughty treats, but at the end of the day the day it comes down to the choices I make when it comes to food and exercise. When people ask me what diet did you follow? My response is “It is not a diet, but a change of lifestyle”

What is the best part of being a personal trainer
Watching people change and gain self confidence at they become fitter and healthier individuals.

Who motivates you or inspires you?
My mum inspires me….bringing up 4 children on her own and being able to achieve all she has.

What makes you laugh?
Sooo many things…. my beautiful children, good friends, sounds strange but true…going to work, a good night out.

My favourite playtime activity?
I would have to say a day at the beach

Experience/Things I’ve done
Cake baking and decorating
Aquatic instructor
Becoming a qualified gym instructor
Making a lifestyle change that has been so right for me
Looking forward to learning and achieving so much more.

I am your ideal Personal Trainer if:

» need a positive personality, a person who has travelled the hard yards to get the results they want

»someone you can angry at because it is all too hard sometimes and know that they won’t hold a grudge

»Are wanting to walk away from each session saying “gee I am glad I went today!”


» Certificate III in fitness
» Aust swim teachers licence for:Swimming and water safety, Infant and preschool   aquatics,   People with a disability
» Pilates Level 1
» Weight Loss and Health Management certificate » Australian Kettle bell Instructor

» Level 2 first aid cert
» Current CPR cert
»Working with children check

Current studies:

» Certificate IV in fitness

How do you motivate your clients to achieve their goals?
»Identifying and understanding people and the battles and challenges they may have    to come to become a fitter and healthier version of themselves.

»Being there when you think that it is all too hard sometimes, to let them know that it is ok to   have a bad day, but tomorrow is a new day and we start again. Talking about the   choices we make on a day to day basis.

Training Style & Influences
Fair but firm!

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