Kyle Reid

"...and I feel great all the time! "

October 2012, 122 KGS heavy, pants size was 40. I was addicted to McDonalds and other unholy junk food such as chocolate and ice-cream. Physical activity was non-existent, I was extremely unhappy, unmotivated and I was lacking any kind of desire to help myself.

Many of my friends tried to show me my lifestyle was self-destructive and very unhealthy, however despite their attempts I chose not to listen.
Time went on and I started to notice the horrible effects of my lifestyle, simple day to day tasks such as stairs became very difficult, my happiness was 100% non-existent, it affected my ability to perform well at work and I was constantly tired.

I signed up to a gym to try and help myself, Great right!? Wrong, I never went, and if I managed to talk myself into going I would barely work out, complete waste of money. I was about to give up when a friend told me how helpful Boot camp was to her. At this stage I felt like I had nothing to lose.

I joined TAKE SHAPES BOOTCAMP, at first I found Boot camp to be difficult, I struggled and my body ached so much! But Tori was there the whole way to motivate and assist where possible, she was amazing at understanding my body and mind’s limitations and best of all, Tori pushed me to work my hardest despite my whining.

In addition to the great workouts, Tori was great at giving advice on what to eat and simple changes to my daily routine that assisted with weight loss. Once I adjusted my eating habits and attended a few months of BOOT CAMP, I started to notice my weight melting away! July 2013, I am 98 KGS, That’s a loss of 24 KGS! Pants size is now 34!

Thanks to Tori and the other TAKE SHAPE staff my lifestyle has completely changed in a positive direction. I’m always happy, motivation is in abundance, I’ve been promoted twice at work, my friends and family are proud of me and I feel great all the time! I’ve even completed my first fitness challenge, the Stadium Stomp (7,400 stairs).

I definitely wouldn’t be where I am with fitness and happiness without the help from the crew at TAKE SHAPE, and I look forward to my continued fitness development with TAKE SHAPE. Cheers!

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We get superior results due to our careful selection of training pro-grams and detailed
Sunny R. (Melbourne)

We get superior results due to our careful selection of training pro-grams and detailed
Sunny R. (Melbourne)

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