Kyle Reid

"I feel great all the time"
Thanks to Tori and the other TAKE SHAPE staff my lifestyle has completely changed in a positive direction. I’m always happy, motivation is in abundance, I’ve been promoted twice at work, my friends and family are proud of me and I feel great all the time

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Pauline Georgelin

"I’m so glad I started exercising at Take Shape!"

I’m so glad I started exercising at Take Shape! When I first started there I was suffering from a back injury and building up from a very low level of fitness..

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Elizabeth Connell

"I really plan to make exercise an even greater part of my life"

I didn’t really do any exercise until I was 64 and my friend pushed me to get some Personal Training ... I had done a short spell at a franchise gym where you do circuits but I found it impersonal and didn’t like the trainers frankly.


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