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Our trainers are you!
We have faced the same pressures, stresses, obstacles, cravings, inertia - everything that seems to hold you back - we've been there too... in fact many of our trainers started out as Take Shape clients...

We are mums, dads, twentysomethings, managers, professionals - we get you because we are you...   but we've all learnt how to make the fitness thing work in a "normal".. : )... lifestyle...

Have a look through the profiles of our trainers... and there will be someone there who really understands who you are and what will work for you...



"So…. 12 kgs down in 3 months. I cannot believe the progress I have made"
Kate Devine

"I’m always happy, motivation is in abundance.... and I feel great all the time!"
Kyle Reid

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Diets dont work!
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Cardio vs Weights
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