Our Mission

We are here to help you get fit, active and healthy. With the help of our face to face, online, virtual, and outdoor adventures, we offer all the opportunities you will ever need right here in our Take Shape Community.  

You are NEVER too busy, too old/young, or too unfit to start feeling amazing and exercising for your health and wellbeing. 

Fitness should be positive, motivating, and a part of everyone’s life.  

Covid Safe

We'll ensure you train in safety and with confidence.

No lock-in contracts

We never lock you into a contract. You will have flexibility & freedom


Be a name, not a number. Training to suit your fitness level, goals and motivations

Our variety of programs are aimed to help eliminate your excuses and to fit into your busy lives


Small groups

Small Group PT sessions are motivating, supportive and allow us to create new friendships. Staggered start times, means it doesn’t matter if you are running late!


Variety, and flexibility

Choose duration times from 30, 45 or 60 minutes. We’ll make sure to fit into your life, and with a variety of sessions you will never get bored.


Online and virtual classes

Sometimes you just can’t get into our studio. Sick kids, holidays, travel for work – no worries! Join our virtual and use our online classes to stay on top.


Individualised programs

Sometimes you just need a little more guidance. Injured, limited time, a little more encouragement and motivation, join a face to face or online PT session. We are always here for you.


Using your fitness

We believe fitness should be the means to live a more inspiring life. Make your next holiday an adventure – climb Kilimanjaro or hike Australia’s epic Larapinta trail. Let us train, inspire and motivate you.


Mind, body and soul

Fitness isn’t just about the body, we need a healthy mind and soul. Our regular health program, nutrition guidance and lifestyle components will help you live a healthier and fitter life.

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What others are saying

 I tried the beginners over 50 yesterday with Jess. She was lovely and very supportive. It was very easy to get onto following the link. I’d never done anything like that before, I mean the burpees and the lunges. I tried to keep up as best I could and was able to do that with the way it was run. I was puffed and sweaty at the end. A good work out!

if you are looking to do something virtual from home, go for it!


So having never done any actual workouts with Take shape before (I don’t live nearby) I thought I would take the opportunity of a little extra time on my hands thanks to social isolation and try some online classes, I started with a yoga session Friday afternoon which was fab and booked myself into boot camp this morning then a beginner workout this afternoon.

I loved both sessions and was really pleased with how easy it was setting up zoom on my iPad and getting set up and on the go.

Take shape were great if I had any questions so the whole process was easy.

My workmates might not recognise me by the end of this lockdown

Thanks guys


A BIG Thanks to the Take shape team. I have been attending Take Shape gym studio for roughly   2 1/2 years, participating in most classes. The diverse classes and sessions on offer, along with the professional and friendly staff have had a significant influence on my exercise regime. Not having participated in regular exercise for years, I soon found myself attending TS everyday (pre COVID 19) and didn't get bored (as I had done at larger gyms in past years) Apart from my daily sessions at Take Shape being for exercise, I also enjoyed the social aspect of catching up with TS crew and regulars. As we all know, due to the current situation, no more Gym or socialising with friends. The next best thing is Take Shapes virtual online sessions. (they are keeping me sane and its great to see new faces and people joining in different classes) I still get to do my exercise everyday with group support and stay connected with friends & familiar faces. 

Dave s

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