(because of the stoopid coronavirus)

By: Angela Infanti

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  1. Do some mindfulness colouring
  2. Make a VLOG of your quarantine life
  3. Watch, learn, and make new tik toks
  4. Watch and learn new skills off youtube such as:
        a. Yoga poses
        b. Braids
        c. Different knots
  5. Look up ‘’how to’’
  6. Find some old clothes and turn them into something new
  7. Go through a wardrobe and clear out crap
  8. Go online shopping
  9. Download and watch movies
  10. Learn and play cards games
  11. Read books or buy online books
  12. Listen to podcasts
  13. Cook new food
  14. Make a recipe book
  15. Clean your bicycle
  16. Play LEGO
  17. Make a treasure hunt
  18. Make and do an indoor parkour course
  19. Play really loud music and disturb the neighbours
  20. Do arts and crafts
  21. Sort your bedside drawer
  22. Colour code things
  23. Research things online such history of a hobby
  24. Do a puzzle, crossword or wordsearch
  25. Pamper yourself – face masks etc
  26. Have a positive, healthy discussion about a topic
  27. Prepare and debate something
  28. Tidy the cables behind computer/tv
  29. Clean all the dust and cobwebs from behind furniture
  30. Learn something pointless
  31. Play games such as truth or dare
  32. Rearrange a room
  33. Get drunk or play drinking games
  34. Have an indoor picnic
  35. Play board games
  36. Play online games such as rocketleague or minecraft
  37. Organise your life after the virus apocalypse
  38. Evaluate life choices and reflect on past experiences
  39. Do a cleanse
  40. Have a dance party by yourself
  41. Wash things
  42. Have a competition
        a. Eating food
        b. Doing a certain action
        c. In teams if you are with family
  43. Look up online courses
  44. Play hide and seek
  45. Support small businesses
  46. Do make up
  47. Dye your hair with Coles colour dye
  48. Learn how to do the splits
  49. Research and decide a charity to donate to
  50. Learn how to write with the other hand
  51. Practice touch typing
  52. Paint your nails
  53. Go through old photo albums
  54. Cut your hair – don’t mess it up
  55. Start learning a language
  56. Make a photo wall or album
  57. Draw outside with chalk
  58. Sign up for virtual fitness classes
  59. Clean out the garage
  60. Plant some flowers/ prune garden
  61. Do a Metafit
  62. Start a boredom blog
  63. Paint a room
  64. Do karaoke
  65. Make videos on how to…
  66. Make a cubby or fort
  67. Have a nerf gun war
  68. Frame something to go on a wall
  69. Try new food combinations
  70. Make an online avatar
  71. Watch the movie Avatar – it’s elite
  72. Go through everything on your phone including photos and delettee them.
  73. Have a movie marathon for a whole day
  74. Do a budget or savings plan.
  75. Make the ultimate Spotify playlist
  76. Don’t do any work for a long period of time
  77. Sleep for 12 hours
  78. Do something helpful for someone else
  79. Give everyone a compliment
  80. Do something repetitive and stupid and see if anyone mentions or notices it.
  81. Make a herbarium from juice bottle or just make a plant pot from something
  82. Make someone a hot drink
  83. Make a Time capsule or video to yourself to the future you
  84. Plan, decorate or organise something
  85. Clean the pantry, cupboards or the whole house
  86. Decorate the house, make it colourful and happy
  87. Make a bucket list
  88. Make a table thing for over the bath to hold a drink and a screen
  89. Practice social distancing with the family inside the house
  90. Learn how to make a cocktail
  91. Climb on the roof of the house for a different perspective
  92. Fly a drone if you have one, if not then ignore this one
  93. Make paper aeroplanes and see whose can fly the furthest
  94. Design something on Canva – birthday cards to save money in future
  95. Allow the kids to do something stupid inside
  96. Break something uh oh…
  97. Make your top 5 list … if you’ve seen Friends then you know what I’m talking about but don’t laminate it.
  98. Watch F.r.i.e.n.d.s!
  99. Make a timetable about when you will do all these things and prioritise them.
  100. Make your own ‘’100 things to do in isolation” list