The Future of Fitness

The future of Fitness and the lessons we have learnt . By: Molly Change is inevitable – we choose to embrace it, to build on it and use it to be even more awesome! Over the last few months we have had to do this over and over. We’re not sitting here waiting until the […]

Stop Waiting & Start Moving

Stop Waiting For Your Gym to Open – Start Moving By: Molly We’re all getting used to that idea of a new normal… Whether we like it or not, things are different and we have to make changes in our perspective and our actions! Large gatherings were cancelled, visiting friends was cancelled, so much of […]

No more body judgement.

No more body judgement – on yourself and on others. By Molly I tried doing a workout yesterday that used to be my ‘go to’ exercises – a bar workout including chin ups, hanging leg raises and a few other hanging bodyweight moves. Yes these are advanced exercises, and no they weren’t ever ‘easy’ for […]


MEAL PLANNING By: Hayley When you make any lifestyle change, you won’t get it right the first time. Probably not even the second, or the third – but you’ll learn as you go, and get better with time!  If you’ve just started meal planning, congratulations on taking that step, and starting to take control of […]

Staying motivated

Staying motivated By: Molly It’s one thing to get motivated to start on a fitness program. It’s a whole other thing to STAY motivated and keep showing up! Changes don’t happen overnight, so you’ve got to work consistently towards your goal, and stay in it for the long haul. So how do you keep up […]

Home gym equipment for under $20 – and what you can do with it!

Home gym equipment for under $20 – and what you can do with it! By: Molly Alright, we’ve all been at home a little while now and things are starting to get a little crazy, you’ve just opened and closed the fridge for the 1000th time today, you didn’t even bother putting on pants for […]

Hate Exercise? Here’s what to do about it

Hate Exercise? Here’s what to do about it By: Hayley So burpees aren’t your cup of tea? You’re not alone in that one, as a personal trainer, when I say the word ‘burpee’ clients usually react as if I’ve just sworn at them… But what if it’s not just burpees? What if you’ve tried and […]

Quick tips for working out at home

Quick tips for working out at home By: Hayley Global pandemic getting in the way of your fitness routine? Stuck in lockdown with no gym and no workout buddies? We hear you. It’s not easy to just switch to home workouts when you’re lacking motivation, you don’t have a trainer to guide you and you […]

Post Covid-19

Post Covid-19 ‘It is not the strongest of the species survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change’ – Charles Darwin By: Hayley Pre March 2020 our family run business (with the help of an awesome team  and our passionate guides) were changing lives by creating a revolutionary community of like […]

Why Should I Pay To Exercise If There Are Free Online Workouts?

Why Should I Pay To Exercise If There Are Free Online Workouts? Why do we have gyms? Why did I spend 15 years getting qualified? Why have I had a job for all these years? I am continually learning and mentoring and teaching other trainers. It’s my job. Jess, Zane and all of our coaches […]