$59 for two weeks of Unlimited access to our online or face to face classes and two 1:1 pt sessions

Our Trainers

more than your standard gym

Meet our Trainers

We have faced the same pressures, stresses, obstacles, cravings, inertia - everything that seems to hold you back - we've been there too... in fact many of our trainers started out as Take Shape clients...We are mums, dads, twentysomethings, managers, professionals - we get you because we are you... but we've all learned how to make the fitness thing work in a "normal".. : )... lifestyle... Have a look through the profiles of our trainers... and there will be someone there who really understands who you are and what will work for you...


Jessica Perkins

Personal Trainer


Adrian Infanti

Personal Trainer


John Sanderson

Personal Trainer & Run Coach


Tracey Wright

Managing Director


Anne Waters

Personal Trainer


Zane Gosling

Studio and Fitness Manager


Russell Sands

Spin Trainer (it's the other guy, not Cadel Evans...)


Gabby McMillan

Yoga Instructor


Molly Roper

Personal Trainer

more than your standard gym

Why train with us?

Fitness Classes: are fun, social and intense. Our Spin, Boxing and HITT classes will get your heart pumping and metabolism firing to increase cardio and muscle strength. In additional to the bang we have a gentler Core Strength based on Yoga/Pilates to keep you fit and moving.

Rotational PT: is a 45min personal training program where you can book into a session every 15min. Unbelievable convenience and the best value personal training around! RPT is strength based, functional and low impact to suit your fitness. There are more sessions to choose from and runs in conjunction with our fitness classes, so get the most from your community gym and book online today.

1:1 Personal Training: is great if you are new to exercise, want to be trained outside normal hours or you have an injury that needs a specialist recovery program. Our trainers will give you the specific attention you require to achieve your goals, no matter what they are. just need a little more attention