Post Covid-19

‘It is not the strongest of the species survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change’ - Charles Darwin

By: Hayley

Pre March 2020 our family run business (with the help of an awesome team  and our passionate guides) were changing lives by creating a revolutionary community of like minded people by giving them ways to explore, adventure, connect, and discover their confidence by  getting out and DOING. Our day trips, overnight and interstate and international adventures in popularity and our little company became very busy!! 

Then one day we woke up and it was all quiet. March 2020 brought a global pandemic, and closed us down. Our family’s income and staff’s income was gone and left us in an awful position fighting for survival not only personally, but also our business that we had built from passion and hard work. And we will admit it knocked us for six-it was devastating.


We were however absolutely blown away from the support, and encouragement from our community. 

I went on the typical rollercoaster ride of almost shutting down the business, deciding that after the fires and now the pandemic and with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of liability, no family income (with 4 teenagers, 2 in VCE) and very little government help and support, it all felt too hard and it would be easier to quit and  get day jobs! 

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But neither of us wanted that.  Then other days we were driven with insane determination and enthusiasm to grow, adapt and make it work. Looking into ways to completely redesign the whole thing from scratch. 

But in true TSA style  and lucky to have so much advice,  input and  support from our amazing community and unpaid staff… we put our heads together, went back to our mission, back to the fundamentals and we have been adapting and creating. Focusing not only on what we could do now in our own backyard, but how we could be more connected, encourage people to get fitter, and also reward the sense of community which we all valued that would help us get out more and do shit! 



Here are our new programs : 

  • We have developed our fitness system 
  • Virtual classes
  • Half day fitness hikes 
  • Training programs
  • Stay Tuned for our newest membership portal! 
  • Our subscription based system.


  • Take Shape Members Hub with Everything friendship, adventures and doing 
  • Rewards and benefits 
  • Free giveaways 
  • Vouchers and discounts 
  • Community events and involvement 
  • And let’s not forget all the new exciting adventures and events right here on our doorstep! 
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Now more than ever, post Covid 19,  TSA are here to help you immerse yourself in the outdoors, to empower and gain confidence in you so you get to create a life by design, We will give you the  fitness opportunities to reach goals & create a sense of belonging with new  like minded friends and travel buddies. We will continue to reward you and listen to you as we create unique experiences that allow you to get more out of life, the outdoors, adventures and experiences. 

We know we are on the start line once again as we and the rest of the world emerge from Covid 19. 

Life in the tourism industry has been hard, and will be different. We have a long way to go, financially and emotionally  to undo the damage to ourselves and the industry. 

But we also are thankful for the support and encouragement we received, especially at the beginning. We will now aim to prove now more than ever  that It doesn’t matter where you start your journey- changing your mindset, setting out a plan and being around like minded people is the way to achieve anything!  You can do it regardless of where you start….  from one training hike to climbing Kilimanjaro.

 We know that participating in Take Shape Adventures hikes and travel will change your life if you believe in yourself, the way that we did. 

We hope everyone is doing ok and we can’t wait to see you again. Onwards and upwards, the best is yet to come.