Staying motivated

By: Molly

It’s one thing to get motivated to start on a fitness program. It’s a whole other thing to STAY motivated and keep showing up! Changes don’t happen overnight, so you’ve got to work consistently towards your goal, and stay in it for the long haul. So how do you keep up that motivation, especially when things get tough and you need an extra boost? 


Track your progress

This doesn’t need to be too technical. A simple step tracker is really motivating to start tracking your movement each day, and gradually build it up. Tracking your resting heart rate is also a great motivator, as we know lowering your resting HR is a good marker of health and fitness improvements. A ‘mood check-in’ each day is very beneficial for tracking the effect of exercise on your mental wellbeing – this can be done easily by yourself or using an app. Usually it’s a simple rating of 1-5 on how stressed you feel, how well rested you feel, how emotional you feel.

Try tracking any of these metrics and see if that helps motivate you each day to move more! If you have a weight loss goal, this can be more helpful than trying to track your weight, because often you’ll start to see improvements in these metrics before you see any physical change in your body, and you’ll be focusing on your general wellbeing rather than just a number on the scales.

Know Your ‘Why’

Simply knowing that exercise is good for you isn’t enough to get you out of bed and into your gym clothes every morning. To make exercise a consistent part of your life, you need to have a strong personal motivation – a reason specific to who you want to be and what you want to do in life. Something more meaningful than ‘I just want to be healthy’.

Perhaps you want to be healthier to set a good example for your kids, lose some extra weight to be able to move more freely, or be fit enough to go on a hiking trip. Identifying your ‘Why’ is your first step to a healthier, more active life, and key to staying motivated!

Answer these 2 questions to help find your Why:

  • At your funeral, what do you want the people you care about to say about you? Think of friends, family and colleagues…
  • At 80, what would you tell yourself now?

Get fit with a friend
Friends make everything more fun! Join a fitbit challenge together, create your goals together, challenge and encourage each other. It’s great to have someone else to keep you accountable, sadly we often let ourselves down far too easily, but we won’t let a friend down, we’ll show up for them!

Hire a PT!

It’s literally our job description – to keep you motivated, fit and healthy – and we love what we do! 

Whether you need someone to keep you accountable, help you work with your injuries and limitations, get you stronger, push you further, or all of the above – we are happy to help.

We are ready and waiting to help you stay on track to reach your goals, and we can’t wait to celebrate your wins with you!