Stop Waiting For Your Gym to Open - Start Moving

By: Molly

We’re all getting used to that idea of a new normal… Whether we like it or not, things are different and we have to make changes in our perspective and our actions!
Large gatherings were cancelled, visiting friends was cancelled, so much of life was taken away, but exercise? Well it wasn’t cancelled, but it sure did change. Closing gyms didn’t mean taking away our ability to exercise, but for many (myself included) it was certainly a big adjustment, and not an easy one. Taking away face-to-face training, the social side of exercise, the variety of equipment, the heavy things we liked to lift! It all took its toll, and some people were stuck in their tracks, not sure what to do without their ‘normal’ routine, not sure where the motivation was going to come from. Many people thought they would just wait until the gyms opened up – surely it wouldn’t be too long…

…6 months later. Fitness has changed and we need to roll with it!

As a whole we need to STOP looking for diets and START looking at the future of fitness, exercise and movement for health, wellness and living without disease and disability.  We need to look forward and see how we can make moving, exercise and feeling good part of our everyday life, learning to celebrate what our bodies can do, gym or no gym, for the sake of our physical and mental and emotional wellbeing – we need to change!

We know you’ve missed some of the personal connection that doesn’t quite travel through a screen, and we have too, but we have also been so impressed with how well things have worked online and have loved seeing and hearing everyone’s appreciation for virtual classes. 


The biggest lesson learned is that stopping and waiting gets us nowhere. Adapting and finding a new way of doing things is the only option, and that is what we will continue to do! We’re looking to a future where we can be more connected than ever before, from when we are all together tackling some hills on a fitness hike, to when we’re back training in the gym together, to enjoying the beauty of nature on a day walk, to when we’re at home doing virtual classes. We’re still connected, still getting the benefits of exercise, moving and feeling good – now in more ways than ever.

The future for us now will be running a hybrid studio. Yes, we’ll be excited to open the doors again! But virtual classes are here to stay. Why? They make fitness more convenient, you can still attend class when you’re on holiday, when you’ve got an early meeting and don’t have time to get to the gym, when your kids are at home sick… basically whenever life gets in the way, you no longer have to miss out on your group exercise class or Personal Training session!


For those that jumped onto our online classes straight away, it’s been a learning curve for all of us and we appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to sticking with us through it! It’s been an amazing effort from everyone who has got on board and made it a priority to keep moving throughout lockdown.