Diets don’t work. We know that – so why do we keep going back?

There always seems to be a new diet on the market – elimination diets, supplements, ‘healthy food plans’ – but all focus on depriving intake, creating food rules and unrealistic eating patterns that aren’t sustainable in the long haul.

The fact is that diets don’t work and they set you up to be the failure. You hear that a friend lost 5kg on the XYZ diet so you try it – what do you have to lose right? You do good for a couple of weeks, but slowly old patterns happen….  you stop losing weight which in turn makes you feel as if you are the problem/ failure. Was it because you didn’t try hard enough, or weren’t motivated enough or, worse still, that you are just not cut out to be skinny, fit and healthy —- argggghhhhhh!

What if the diet wasn’t the answer BUT changing how you feel about yourself might be?

The diet industry as a whole looks only at external factors and creates false expectations – “Lose 5 kg in 4 weeks!” – by locking you into a negative cycle of never feeling satisfied about your weight, body and appearance. Of course you are going to fail!

So what’s the alternative?

STOP DIETING, find MOTIVATION to live HEALTHY, move with intent, eat MINDFULLY, practice a GROWTH mindset and SELF LOVE and live with PURPOSE by DESIGNING your LIFE

28 Days to Undo the Diet Culture Within Your Head is a lifestyle program that encourages positive behaviour change for a healthier, more balanced and motivated life! Our aim is to unchain you from the diet culture.

With our community of like minded people we will inspire each other to get fitter, concentrate on loving and accepting who you are and shifting habits and behavior to enable you to live big!

Let’s take the emphasis away from what we look like to embrace ALL the possibilities of who we are and what we can achieve to become fitter, healthier and happier

Want to give it a try? Join here.


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