The future of Fitness and the lessons we have learnt .

By: Molly

Change is inevitable – we choose to embrace it, to build on it and use it to be even more awesome! Over the last few months we have had to do this over and over. We’re not sitting here waiting until the gyms re-open, we’re learning and adapting to what the future will look like for exercise and movement. Here are the lessons we have learned in regards to fitness – and what we are doing to help move our community of doers forward.

Lesson 1 – Online virtual fitness fitness works!

People are no longer limited by where they live, how long it takes to drive to the gym, or how early they have to get up to fit in a class before work! We have people joining our virtual classes from all over Australia and our community keeps on growing. The convenience of being able to work out from home, still with the motivation from your trainer and the good vibes of your gym buddies, has changed the game for many people and helped them stay fit and healthy as well as have time for the rest of life!

What we are doing moving forward: 

We are keeping virtual classes, with a range of options for even the busiest of people! Our timetable will be regularly adapting to meet people’s needs as many start to go back to work and school. Rain, hail or shine, it doesn’t matter, turn on your computer screen and we’ll be there ready to work out!

Lesson 3 – Nature is an awesome place to exercise

So many people took up walking as their new hobby, and discovered the beauty just outside their front door, that maybe they had never noticed before! We realised that while going on big adventures to far away places is awesome, there is also so much to explore close by, and it can be done in half a day, so there’s plenty of options for everyone. 

What we are doing moving forward:

A packed schedule of Fitness Hikes, in a range of locations close to Melbourne. We’re taking you to more places and more often, giving everyone more opportunities to get out and explore nature, while getting fit and socialising with friends.

Lesson 2 – Making fitness a priority was the answer

Having more time didn’t necessarily mean people started exercising more. But wasn’t that always the excuse why you couldn’t make it to the gym… just not enough time in the day after work and other commitments?? 

The truth was that people needed to change their perception of fitness and movement. They needed to make it a priority. They needed to make a commitment to living a healthy, strong, purposeful life. The change needed to happen in the mind.

What we are doing moving forward:

We are providing more health and wellness programs centred on mindset changes, creating healthy habits, and loving yourself enough to make your health a priority. We want to help you live the awesome life you deserve.

Lesson 4 – We don’t need exercise machines, diet plans and gadgets to stay healthy!

The things we missed the most weren’t things that money can buy! To live healthy and fulfilling lives we need a community, we need interaction with like-minded friends, and connection with people who support us. 

What we are doing moving forward:

We’re building our community by merging our adventures and fitness. We’re introducing people to new things, helping to guide people into the wonderful world that lives just outside of their comfort zone, along with a supportive community doing awesome things together.

Lesson 5 – We are all still learning

And that’s ok! We’ll never be perfect, all we can do is our best, and that is enough.  

What we are doing moving forward:

We’re trying new things, making mistakes, learning and moving forward. We’re not afraid to think big, we’re ready to climb the next mountain, and we want you to join us too!


Come join us for a free virtual class, or come join us on a fitness hike. Whatever your next move is, make sure it is a step forward!