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All your favorite group fitness classes now online

In our Virtual Group Fitness Classes you book a date with one of our fabulous SUPPORTIVE coaches and trainers as they instruct and ENCOURAGE you through a FUN, MOTIVATING and REWARDING class. You get to CONNECT with your fellow gym buddies as you exercise, laugh, and feel AMAZING together.

All Classes

Box Fit

Box Fit is an intermediate/advanced class that combines high intensity interval training with muscle conditioning. The class can be made suitable for beginners who are willing to give it a go.

Fit & Strong / Bootcamp

With our virtual small group training, we focus on strength and endurance with bodyweight exercises. We also throw in movements with basic equipment or props around the house with some innovative exercises.


Core+ is a 60 minute class focusing on inner strength and mobilisation.  The class blends traditional Yoga and Pilates movements (concentrating on balance, flexibility, and mobility).

Virtual HIIT

This class combines traditional body-weight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire! It is suitable for beginners through to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Virtual Spin

Grab an exercise bike, or better yet a wind trainer with your own personal bike, and pedal away as our instructors guide you through an awesome session of fat burning.


Stop counting the reps and start training to the beat. STRONG combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music.

and more...

Hover over the descriptions on our schedule down below for more details!

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Packages to suit you

We have several awesome valued different payment and package options, for our small group virtual fitness classes to suit your needs:

  • 7 days unlimited access for $17 – includes our online library 
  • Casual class $18 per session
  • 10 class pass $160



Become a member for a monthly Direct Debit $99 – $25 per week! You’ll also receive access to our online training library

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How to join us in a virtual class

Booking a virtual class is easy!

  1. Decide on what type of class you would like to take. Maybe a Meta Fit, Small Group,  a Core+, the choice is yours. 
  2. Using the timetable below find your desired class and click on the ‘Book’ button
  3. You will be redirected Mindbody which handles our booking system. Follow the onscreen steps and you’ll be booked into the class.
  4. Our virtual classes are held on Zoom, a free to use live streaming platform. Our cheat sheet will show you how easy it is to join us. 
  5. Most of our classes require no equipment, but if you feel you are missing something you can browse our online shop
  6. Enjoy your workout!

Our Cheat Sheet to help you getting into your first virtual class!

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